Jamaica National Heritage Trust

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"We have found Zip Technologies Ltd to not only be helpful in the creation of two separate websites for our business, but also reliable and fast.

In our business, a promotion idea may have only a small window of opportunity, and it is nice to know that our web designer and consultant have quick answers and quick results for us. When we have new products to add or updates to make to our website, Zip Technologies is excellent at implementing those changes with speed.

The Zip Team designs an interesting, eye-catching and clean. We truly depend on Zip Technologies' expertise and feel fortunate to have such a capable company taking care of an important part of our marketing program. And we get all of this at a very reasonable and fair price.

Thanks for doing another great job with our newest website. Your web development services were again, excellent as usual. I look forward to referring others to you for their web development needs. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust highly recommends Zip Technologies Ltd."

Carrie Burrell, Webmaster

The Client

Island Smiles is one of our oldest clients and we are presently involved in the development of the 3rd generation version of their website.

Their internal team is particularly strong and discovery is usual easy and both teams work very well together.


"By appreciation, we make excellence in others our own property."
- Voltaire (French Philosopher and Writer. One of the greatest of all French authors, 1694-1778)

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